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Be the best to offer our customers the service they deserve the highest quality, anticipating the needs and demands that globalization now requires. To do provide an environment in which people can innovate and excel. In achieving this vision, we assume these commitments everyone with whom we have contact.



All serve the global needs that our customers require, promoting values ​​that serve to further enhance our service and so become the agency more efficient and profitable load of the country. To achieve this goal we work constantly developing and making what we believe is the approach broader and more visionary in our business.


Security Policy

PACIFIC AIR CARGO, a company formed by a group of highly skilled people in all areas of foreign trade. While your first priority all procedures and strict security standards, ensuring and maintaining the satisfaction of our clients nationally and internationally.


Drug control policy, anti-smuggling and terrorism

For the company PACIFIC AIR CARGO, smuggling of illicit drugs are evils that affect the family and society in general.

Therefore, keep a constant search for agreements and alliances with business colleagues, customers, suppliers, organizations and national and international institutions to prevent illicit trafficking state.

Inside the company, keep qualified staff, committed convinced the negative effects of these illegal practices and establish controls, procedures and training programs to prevent their activities from being used for illicit activities irregularity.