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Who We Are


Providing a "personalized" to our clients provides safely, attention which is complemented by ongoing communication, strict control, planning and monitoring of the various stages in transporting products to and from your destination.

Is a mainstay of our development as a company our departments cargo exports and imports, fully systematized, by people of high knowledge in the field and extensive experience in all types of proceedings, allowing for its agility and efficiency, meet promptly with each and every one of our commitments.

This sharpness in handling their cargo has credibility, and has contributed greatly to the image that today has PACIFIC AIR CARGO exporters, importers, airlines and commercial aviation in general.

We have the BASC certification, the same that supports our security processes at each step of the chain logística.También are members of CASS / IATA, organizations that regulate the processes of international air transport.



Why Choose Us


We are the best in the market.
The company enjoys high prestige in all the work done.


We have the BASC certification. Which guarantees all trazavilidad your goods to and from their final destination.


The company has highly qualified personnel. Providing an integrated confidence to our customers.

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