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Be the best to offer our customers the service they deserve the highest quality, anticipating the needs and demands that globalization now requires ...


All serve the global needs that our customers require, promoting values that serve to further enhance our service and thus become the most efficient load Agency of the country...


Our company gives priority to all procedures and strict security standards, ensuring and maintaining the satisfaction of our clients nationally and internationally... ............................


  • For the company PACIFIC AIR CARGO, smuggling of illicit drugs are evils affecting the family and society in general, therefore, maintain a constant search for agreements and partnerships with.

Welcome to our company !


PACIFIC AIR CARGO is pleased to put at your disposal its air cargo agency, the same that has a professional group of people who have the task of leading exporter and importer to-date and accurate information to provide new elements to its design, both exports and imports, as well as the different markets.

Providing care "people to people" to our customers gives you full security, which is complemented by ongoing communication, strict control, planning and monitoring of the various stages in transporting products to and from your destination.

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